• Our range of large customers including Government Agencies, Gas-Stations, Ministries, Corporations and NGO’s. Our customers’ accounts are being managed through our Reliable Accounting System to keep a good track on their transaction.

  • JOMANDAY PETROLEUM is keen to prompt delivery services to its customers and places high interest in customers satisfaction with accurately delivering supply in time space. Our respond to customers complaints is paramount to our drive of avoiding fraud and misbehavior of dispatch team.

  • Distribution is from LPRC (Liberian Petroleum Refining Company) central storage in Monrovia, which is the main storage facility for all importers. This is also close to our corporate office. The lead-time on ordering for inventory is quite short for this reason.

    Location is critical, although current location does provide excellent access for delivery trucks. This is a distribution business and, therefore, depends upon efficient routing and/or shipping.


We aim to continuously achieve superior financial monetary strength and operating results while simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards in the Liberian market.